I want to keep my name as a secret. You can call me Monkey if you like. I won’t care. Anyway, this site’s name is MonkeyMoney. So, probably it makes sense to call me Monkey.

Qualification wise, I am not a qualified person to give any financial advice to you. So, please do not take this as an advice to invest. Investing in stock market has higher risk than many other forms of investment. Anything you do with this portfolio is at your own risk. Like nobody can guarantee what happens in the future, the future performance of this portfolio is also not guaranteed.

I have an MBA from one of the big US universities and mainly I concentrated on Finance. I studied Corporate Finance, Company Valuation, International Finance, Accounting and Stock Markets during my MBA.

I have been investing for the last 30 years in stocks. I have made many big mistakes during those years, but, also made some good ones which helped me to manage my life. Time to time, I will share my experiences in life. You might be able to relate to me in some cases. I will not write any made up stories here.

The purpose of this site is mainly to track a portfolio I created based on a methodology I developed over some time. My goal is to have a portfolio that do better than S&P 500.

There are always 28 stocks in this portfolio. When the new portfolio started on March 27, 2017, all the stocks have equal weight. In other words, if I have $100,000, I divided it by 28 to get the amount to invest in a single stock. Then I subtracted $14 ($7 for buying and $7 for selling) to come up with the amount I can use to purchase each stock. In this example, that amount is $3,571.42.

Every week, I will evaluate all the stocks and decide to keep or sell them. If I sell a stock, I will replace it with another stock from the proceeds I get buy selling the existing stock. So, it is possible that over a period of time, the price paid for each stock will be different from the $3,571.42 I mentioned above.

I will also use margin to increase the value of the portfolio and will track the portfolio with margin separately. Margin will have interest and hence every month those interest will be deducted while calculating the value of the portfolio with margin.

That’s it!

With kind regards,