No change in Portfolio

We will not make any changes to the portfolio next week.

As you are probably aware of, technology shares rebounded slightly. But, those rebounds did not reflect in our portfolio. My belief is that ultimately our portfolio will catch up. We are still far better than S&P 500 since Match 2017.

Portfolio Status and Other Thoughts

We are not making any changes to the portfolio this week.

Last week I did not update my readers. My apologies. Main reason for that is that I track portfolios through Google Finance. Google announced that it will discontinue the portfolio feature middle of Nov 2017. The changed their finance site and it was nowhere useful and they removed the portfolio feature. We are not happy with this and I am hoping they will change their decision and keep the portfolio. So, that is the reason I did not update because the lack of portfolio tracking disturbed me.

The portfolio took some big losses recently due to selloff in tech shares. We lost around 7% in the last 2 weeks. If you have started the portfolio 2 weeks ago, you would have lost around 7% while S&P 500 was up during the same time period. You will panic. Though I cannot foresee future, my experiments in last years showed that if you have a longer timeframe, the portfolio will beat S&P 500.

So, do not panic, have a long term perspective.